Tips for Long Distance Relationships

Unfortunately love isn’t always roses. On the contrary, love can bring you down. Particularly in a case of love on distance. How can you keep the relationship alive? What can you do to ensure that the ardor don’t flow away? How can you avoid the problems that can end a long distance relationship?

It can happen just like that, that during a business travel to a foreign country; a summer holiday in an exotic location or a few days tour, you can fall in love. Especially in these situations Cupido shot his arrows. Our new lover don’t always live around the corner. It can also happen that you have a relationship with someone who on certain moment had to pack his or her suitcase, for work, for a study in an other city or because the family moves out of state.

It will not be easy to bridge the distance – in both senses of the word. Pronouncements  like: “Wait for me, I’m behind you” cannot be made in practice. Finally the distance is the cause of the end of the relationship. Our parents told us: distance is like the wind that puts out small fires and blows big fires.

Also the language is an intrinsic part of long distance relationships. Speaking the same language is an immense bonus.

A long distance love means distress, jealousy and misunderstanding, sometimes even unfaithfulness, because when an other opportunity occurs (somebody close to your home) we don’t always have the courage to say “no”…….

But that's not the issue here. All I do here is to hearten those who have a love on distance. I want to give them a positive message. A long distance relationship can survive. It really can! If you have a long distance relationship, I provide some useful advices to bridge distance and time, and with as few displeasures as possible.

1. Use the modern technology.

The modern technology offers us unlimited opportunity to acquire and exchange information. Use it. I don’t mean a simple e-mail or chatten, but I advice you to use the modern videoconferences by internet and internet telephone. Use a fast Internet connection for a webcam and you can talk and see each other as long as both of you want. And you can look deep in each others eyes as if you both sit on the sofa.

2. Don't go to sleep without rectifying a misunderstanding.

Distance is something that really is terrible. Phone about a misunderstanding or something like that before you go to bed.

3. Be always clear and clarify things.

Tell your lover-on-distance clearly what you are doing. Never tell him/her a story with a mysterious twist. A partner on long distance is extremely sensible and maybe a little jealous. Keep that in mind. Don’t stimulate certain feelings by ambiguous statements.

4. Keep up your social contacts.

The fact that your partner lives a long way away doesn't mean that you have to lock up yourself in your home sitting next to the phone. A good social live takes the edge off the absence of your partner.

5. Plan your travels effectively.

Try to plan your travels to your “far away partner” effectively. Divide them as equal as possible over the period that you are separated from each other. If possible, take turns visiting each other.

Take care of your finance (you can’t live only from love). Don’t carried away by the enthusiasm that everyone have been through especially in the beginning of a new relationship, at least if you don’t want your only recollection of that period is a bad debt bank account. Think and don’t blindly follow your heart.


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