Mysteries of Kabbalah Meditation

by Darnell Istead

The world is filled with mysteries. Few, however, are as enchanting and enlightening as the mystery of Kabbalah.

Kabbalah is the oldest and most significant wisdom in our history. Through the wisdom of Kabbalah we are able to achieve a higher level of our existence. By understanding our true purpose in life, we can achieve limitless possibilities. In turn, we will also experience deep tranquility and perfection.

Kabbalah meditation is evidently able to offer solutions to problems, and creates peace in place of disorder. In addition, Kabbalah meditation can give us the answer to the most-sought after question of our existence, "Who am I?"

When literally translated, Kabbalah means "to receive." This reception is the eminent purpose of Kabbalah. When you practice this form of meditation, you will be instructed on how to receive. What do you wish to receive from life? Kabbalah meditation will help you to learn to wish for non-physical things from life, and will also help you to obtain them.

An ancient text known as the Zohar is the source of Kabbalah wisdom. The Zohar is considered by some historians to be the Holy Grail, and it is no ordinary text written with ink on paper. The Zohar, a twenty-three volume collection of wisdom, is recognized by all religions and also known as the Tree of Life. The Zohar is used to create miracles and maintains the end to worldly destruction and death.

In a very basic sense, the Zohar is a sort of light bulb. Practicing Kabbalah meditation is almost like turning on a light switch in our lives. The Zohar, in Kabbalah meditation, provides light to sadness, sickness, death and other dark areas of our lives.

People who are new or who haven't heard about Kabbalah meditation would assume that it is a religion. Without a doubt, Kabbalah is NOT a religion. Rather, Kabbalah meditation is about the light. And the light is not limited to a select few, but it is for everyone in spite of religion and race.

Kabbalists maintain that Kabbalah meditation is able to answer three of life's most critical questions: who we really are, where we came from, and why we are here. More simply put, Kabbalah meditation provides you with the necessary tools to achieve true joy and a deep sense of accomplishment. You are able to experience life under the light of the Higher Being.

Kabbalah was seen as mysticism in ancient times. People considered it to be too mystical. However, Kabbalah is now thought of as a science -- the science of the soul.

Visiting online sites will guide you to some online courses on Kabbalah meditation. The site will grant you a thorough tour on the history of Zabbalah as well as the modern Zabbalah meditation practice. It may sound more into the spiritual aspect but it fundamentally works the same manner as the other meditation techniques do.

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