The Law of Attraction Unlocks the Secret Science of Getting Rich

by Matthew Loop, DC

At this moment, I'm very happy and thankful for the phenomenal film, "The Secret!" What an outstanding job by Rhonda Byrne and the other champions of information featured in the DVD. The first time I was fortunate to view the movie was at my condo in Atlanta at about 3AM, when it premiered online in a worldwide event. I practically came to tears since the things I'd been looking into spiritually and scientifically all of a sudden clicked. It really started a fire in me that's still burning! Instantly, I was so inspired to consciously apply the Law of Attraction to work for the things that I deserve in my life!

It was like a very bright light went on all of a sudden. It was time to really probe heavily into my current learned ways of thinking. The hardest part was I had to delve into my subconscious mind and root-out many things that I had uncritically accepted over the years. It was evident that I had to take massive action now! I held myself accountable for my previous actions and thinking patterns. When that occurred, I created empowering paradigms and feel-good relationships all by utilizing powerful tactics from "The Secret" and their incredible "Science of Getting Rich" home course! For instance, the first thing I think about when I open my eyes in the morning are things that I'm grateful for. I consciously create my day as I feel we are meant to. I've made it a habit to think, speak, visualize, and generate a feeling tone to which positive things will continue to be drawn into my life. "The Science of Getting Rich" seminar is what I listen to while driving to and from work. Even when I'm not consciously listening to it, the empowering concepts are traveling deep into my subconscious.

I cannot even begin to tell you how fast my intentions and visualizations are manifesting presently since applying the Law of Attraction with <a href=''>The Science of Getting Rich</a> (SGR) system!

* My first non-fiction book, "Cracking the Cancer Code," was written within just months after watching the powerful DVD! I could hardly believe how easily the ideas and words kept coming to me like a waterfall.

* An enormous jump in my patient-base and cash collections has occurred in just the last 90 days at my Atlanta office!

* The rate at which I've been drawing phenomenal business partners to me has been astounding, giving me many sources of income. What it basically comes down to is that I cannot say I believe in coincidence any longer. I think it's simply attractor energy working with me, as I have been fortunate to bring prosperity and abundance into my life like clockwork!

After watching the DVD and learning to effectively apply the Law of Attraction, I feel more in harmony with our creative Source. I classify myself as a very spiritual person and I'm grateful for further enlightenment after touching-base with these particular teachers of the law of attraction. I've certainly never felt this much gratitude, peace, and happiness as I do at this point in time! Thank you...

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