Find Inner Peace Through Your Chakras

by Wyatt Pottoe

Chakra meditation is a widely-used method of finding peace within oneself. Before performing chakra meditation, however, you must be able to identify what a "chakra" is.

Those who perform chakra meditation believe that the human body has vital points of energy. These energy centers are used consciously or unconsciously, and have great influence over our life experiences. "Chakra" is the term used to define these critical points.

Chakras are found in different areas throughout the human body. There are seven chakras in total, each holding influence over the area in which it is found. Every chakra has its own distinctive property.

A chakra located at the base of the spine is the Root Chakra. This chakra is known to have an effect on the health, structure and safety of a person. This particular chakra, also known as the coccyx, and traditionally known as muladhara, is associated with how one's body links to the material world. It is also related to a red-colored circle surrounded by four golden petals.

The Naval Chakra, or svadisthana, is a fundamental point located in the lower abdomen. This powerful chakra is associated with feelings of love, passion, sexuality and pleasure. People experiencing positive feelings send feedback to the Naval Chakra, which is associated with the colour orange.

Just above the navel and below the chest is the Solar Plexus Chakra. This vital point influences one's force and willpower. This is the energy point from which our senses of authority, discipline and self-control converge. The colour yellow is linked to this chakra.

The Heart Chakra or the anahata can be found at the middle of one's chest. Love and understanding are the focus of this chakra, as well as the feelings resulting from these sensations. The color green is related to the Heart Chakra.

A critical point located in the throat area is called the vishuddha, or Throat Chakra. This chakra is linked to communication and associated with a sky blue colour.

Just above the eyes is the Brow Chakra or anja. This vital point, associated with our sensitivity beyond the physical sphere, is known to Buddhists as the region of the "Third Eye." This clairvoyance-related chakra is associated with the color indigo.

The central point on top of the head which is known as the Crown Chakra or sahasrara is unsurprisingly concerned with the mind and spirit. This chakra focuses on one's consciousness and the items relating to the High Self is also associated with the color violet.

Practicing Chakra meditation can stimulate your vital energy points and bring about important side effects. Take care, as too much mental energy is not wise for those who perform little physical activity. Chakra meditation should only be done under the guidance of an appropriate expert. Otherwise, personality problems may occur due to improper chakra meditation practices.

Author Wyatt Pottoe contributes to numerous web magazines, on alternative health care and mental health topics. This and other unique content 'self improvement' articles are available with free reprint rights.

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