How to Prevent High Blood Pressure.

Do you suffer high blood pressure? If yes, then I give you some ways to lower it and prevent yourself from developing it again. First of all I recommended to start without medication and to make some important lifestyle changes. Starting today!

Do you smoke? Why? For pleasurable relaxation? Realize, smoking can raise your blood pressure by as much as 10 points on the blood pressure scale. Try to stop smoking. There are many aids that can help you; thousands of free web sites on the Internet can help you quit smoking.

Do you drink quite a bit of alcohol? This will also raise your blood pressure. Try to cut back to a drink or two a day.

Are you physically active on a daily basis? Did you know that at least thirty minutes of exercise a day has been proven to lower and maintain a healthy blood pressure level? Do ten minute intervals if you cannot set aside thirty minutes all at one time. Your level of activity will vary depending on what you are physically capable of doing.

Start a healthier diet. Start a healthy breakfast in the morning. Try to avoid salt in your food. Did you know salt increases your blood pressure dramatically? So, limit your intake of salt. If that’s a problem, use other seasonings.

Eat five or more portions of fruit and vegetables per day. This will help lower and control your blood pressure. Also try to stay away from fatty foods.

Are you overweight? Realize, this could have a major impact on your blood pressure. Losing weight, if you are overweight, can significantly reduce your blood pressure. Once you lose ten pounds you will see how easily you can lose more and you will notice how much better and healthier you feel. Maybe the BMI can help you.

Do you have a busy life and a lot of stress? Try to relax your lifestyle. Try to find ways that helps you relax and de-stress.  Meditation is one of the ways.

Unfortunately there are certain things you cannot avoid. Yes, you can better your lifestyle, but you cannot change your birthday. If you are alder than fifty-five you are at a higher risk to develop high blood pressure, especially if you are a South Asian or African.

If high blood pressure is in your family history, you want to start early prevention. Do some investigation in your family history. If you do not have high blood pressure but the illness is in your family you have the risk of eventually developing it. That doesn't have to happen, but it’s wise to do early prevention to keep your blood pressure down.

It is known that drugs and painkillers can cause high blood pressure, so if possible stay away from it. Some side effects of medications can cause high blood pressure. Always read the information leaflet with the medicine. When you have high blood pressure and you need any medication such as anorexia drugs, nasal decongestants antidepressants or cold medicines, be sure your doctor is aware of it.

When you have high blood pressure you also have a higher risk of stroke and heart and kidney disease. So preventing this must be an important goal in your life. It can benefit your health immensely. If you think you have high blood pressure or you have a risk to develop this than talk with your doctor. It is never too early to start to change your lifestyle to avoid high blood pressure.

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