9 Tips to make your good intentions a reality

Today is the start of the rest of your life. Any time you can start with good intentions. Not just at the beginning of a new year. If you read this article, you can choose this moment to make good intentions. Congratulations! My wish for everyone is that from now on you will be healthier and fitter. Let it not just be good intentions, but take action.

Here are nine tips for making your good intensions a reality.

1. Write down your goals and be realistic. Running a marathon if you’ve never walked a mile is too much of a good thing. Train for a short-distance run.

You want to lose 15 kilos, you could have your first goal be to lose 5 kilo.

2. Start with short-term goals that will lead you to long-term ones. It keeps you motivated. Discuss with your trainer what is reasonable.

3. Evaluate weekly. Make the contact with your trainer a weekly ritual. In this way you can make measurements.

4. Let your shopping be in the character of your goals. Healthy eating starts in the supermarket. Be generous with vegetables, fruit, meat, fish and chicken. Don’t buy unhealthy snacks and go looking for healthy sugar free and fat free snacks such as rice and nuts. Don’t buy soft drinks and go for real fruit juices, tea and spring water.

5. Always take your breakfast before you go to your work. A healthy breakfast early in the morning brings more energy and body fat burning during the day.

6. Take your lunch from home. Instead of the often unhealthy and expensive lunches at your work, you should opt for a healthy alternative from home, which is still cheaper than the lunches served  in your work. Think of homemade salads and sandwiches.

7. Sleep enough. This is the great forgotten step towards a healthier body. You need at least 6 to 8 hours sleep for the following day to be able to perform maximum. At home, at work and in the gym you will make progress.

8. Think positive most of the time. You feel like you think. That is a basic principle that you can find in almost all self help books and philosophies. This also applies to your motivation, stay positive and be focused on your short term goals.

9. Write down your biggest stumbling blocks. Contemplate what the reasons might be to stop and fight against them.

Now nothing can stop you to make your good intentions a reality!!


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