Fungal Infection, a persistent problem.

Two questions of readers of this site about fungal infection:

Question 1: I have trouble with fungal infection of my big toenail. Do you know what I can do instead of taking heavy pills?

Question 2: The last four years I have nail fungal infection. Twice I followed a treatment  with medication. It has improved, but now it starts to get worse. Is there a homeopathic remedy for this disease?

Two questions about fungal infections of the toenails, a very persistent problem.
Many people are ashamed of their feet. One in every five people think their feet are the most unattractive part of their body. Perhaps you also have wished you could exchange your feet for another couple?

Many people have bad feet. This means that a lot of these people suffer from fungal infection on the skin of the feet or the nails of the toes. Possible consequences are problems with walking, pain, obstacles in the workplace and shame.

Fungi thrive well in a warm, humid environment. Under favourable conditions they multiply, and develop traces. Traces are very contagious and are common in moist areas such as sports centres, saunas, showers and changing rooms. Also contact with (house) garbage or pet animals can lead to infection.

A fungal infection is not the result of inadequate hygiene. On the contrary; too often washing with soap (disinfectant) may just lead to fungal infections! Then the protective grease-layer on the skin disappears, so traces of fungi can easily penetrate.

There is effective regular medication available, but some people don’t want to use it, because of the side effects. Next advice I borrow from the famous Alfred Vogel. It reads: buy a bottle Molkosan from your local health shop. Molkosan is concentrated whey of milk, a left-over product from making cheese.
Soak cotton in Molkosan and wrap the with fungal infected toenails daily, in the  evening when you have a quiet moment, or during the night. Personally, I add a homeopathic medicine, for example Psilocybe caerulescens. This medicine is made of a fungus. It is available only in pharmacies and only on prescription.

Success with this natural treatment.

R. Redder

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