Body Lotion and Bust Creams

There are many areas of the body where the skin is quite considerably drier than that of the face.

While the application of face lotions is common practice for most women, there are many more who neglect to use a good body lotion to maintain the condition of the skin on the rest of the body.

Body lotion can be used on the face but do not give the same results as a face lotion, for the face is more sensitive to harsh chemicals and ingredients that other places might not react to.

If you have acne and have a tendency to break out, do not use body lotion. Get a oil-free SPF tinted moisturizer and use that instead.

There are reasons why body lotion is specifically called body lotion and others are called moisturizers.

As a person's skin is one of the first signs of aging it is important that you take care of it, not only on the face but all over the body.

The body lotions that are currently available on the market have active ingredients to protect and rejuvenate skin.

These ingredients such as antioxidants and sunscreens will help to reduce the aging process of the skin.

It is a good habit to get into of applying a body lotion after a bath or a shower when the skin has been cleansed.

By regularly applying body lotion you reduce the chance of getting scaly patches on the skin.

It will help to keep the skin moisturized and in doing so will slow the aging process.

Light body lotions are sufficient for the majority of the body but for areas that are particularly dry such as around the ankles and feet, the elbows and knees, a heavier lotion might be necessary to help reduce dryness.

Rubbing body lotion on will also stimulate the blood flow to the skin.

This will help somewhat in reducing the amount of cellulite that you may have.

While there are many products on the market that claim to reduce or eliminate cellulite, research has proven that these do in fact offer very little help in the removal of cellulite.

It can however help the skin to be temporarily tightened and therefore appear to be more toned.

If nothing else they will make you feel better for a short time and that has got to be good for you.

Bust Creams

In the ideal world all we would need to do would be to rub some cream on our breasts and watch them grow.

Unfortunately it is not as simple as that.

There is however a huge demand for women wanting to improve their bust without having to take the drastic steps of going under the surgeon's knife.

But do the ever-increasing numbers of bust creams that are being sold on the market actually work?

There are many women who use them on a regular basis and are happy to report that they have noticed considerable firming and lifting of the bosom.

The ability of these bust creams to firm and tighten the bosom seems to depend somewhat on the size of the bosom, with those woman having smaller or medium-sized breasts reporting better results.

It is very difficult to recommend such products as there will always be reports for and against from those women who believe they have got good results, and others who have noticed no change whatsoever.

The best bet is to try them yourself and see whether you are happy with the results that you can achieve.

The ingredients that are used in these products will certainly make the skin of your breasts feel a lot better, and they can also tighten the skin which will make them feel more toned and firmer.

The action of rubbing the bust cream on will also stimulate blood flow in the area which will improve the health of your breasts and this will not only make the skin look better but it is good for your breast health.

It will also give you the opportunity to check if there are any lumps in your breasts on a regular basis.

Many of these breast care creams and gels have ingredients that will leave a sheen on the skin and this will give them a healthier, more youthful appearance so that alone is worthwhile for improving the look of your breasts.

Improve your skin and look younger by incorporating raw food into your diet. Beautiful skin starts from the inside out. Start the day with a healthy breakfast.


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