Drinking black tea lowers stress

An  English research study involves testing two groups – 75 healthy non-smokers were divided in two groups - one group gets an experimental substance and another group gets a placebo. The participants were exposed to an acute stress situation, whereupon during a period of 4 weeks one group with 37 persons drank black tea 4 cups daily and the other group (38 persons) got a placebo. At the end of this intervention the participants were again exposed to an acute stress situation.

The acute stress caused an increase of the blood pressure, the heartbeat and of itself-reported stress in both cases.

These responses were in the group that drank tea virtually comparable to the placebo group. In the group that drank tea the level of the stress hormone cortisol ³ in the blood and the activaty of the thrombocytes (4) were lower than those in the placebo group after the tests. The participants felt themselves relax moreover more compared to the placebo group.

All differences were significant.

Black tea appears contribution therefore to convalescence after stress and this way possibly promote health.

1). Explanation stress is a form of tension which appears as a response to exteme pivots.

The impact of stress can be both physically and mental.

2). Explanation a placebo is an humbugging means that its functioning thanks to suggestion. Much are used in research the possibility of a suggestive functioning of the means to examine to exclude, by one half of at onderzoe the • know to group the humbugging means to give and other half the means to examine.

3). Explanation Cortisol is a hormone that by the cortex is produced at stress and that large influence has on the stofwisseling.

4) Explanation: blood blades is blood warrants which are involved in blood concretion.


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Drinking black tea lowers stress

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