The Benefits of Walnuts

How healthy are walnuts? The tree in my neighbours garden has a few hundred of walnuts. Are the vitamins or other substances, which are inside the walnuts oil, good for us or not? And which quantities of walnuts can we eat daily?

The majority of the population sees nuts as a snack “that contains a great deal of fat. So nuts make me thicker”. Perhaps you are someone who never eat nuts because of the large quantities of fat they contain. Well, let me make it clear; nuts fit absolutely into a balanced diet and therefore they are without doubt a super product.

Although walnuts are the absolute top when it comes to nuts, you may not ignore other nuts. They are all indeed very good for your health. Diets high in nuts could prove to be protective against some cancers.

When you eat nuts around 5 times per week, you improve your health considerable. Make sure you eat a daily handful of these delicious sweets.

Nuts are packed with essential substances, and it is the cooperation between the various micronutrients that makes nuts an absolute super product. Because most nuts and seeds contain:

• Vitamin E
• Vitamin B6
• Magnesium
• Omega-3 fats
• Arginine
• Fibres
• Potassium
• Plant sterols
• Polyfenols
• Proteins

If you are overweight, you smoke, barely move and spend your free time on the sofa with a bag of chips, there is one thing you can do to give your health a boost to: replace your bag of potato chips with a handful of nuts.

People who regularly eat nuts have a significant reduction in their risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and many other diseases. If you eat a handful of walnuts a day, you will lower your blood cholesterol, and therefore lower your cardiovascular risk.

Walnuts and all other natural nuts are a blessing for your body and health. They contain plenty of nutrients and essential fats. Nevertheless… Nuts contain many calories, so you better eat no more than a handful a day. Otherwise, the consequences are disastrous for your weight.

Walnuts (and nuts in general) are one of the 14 super foods that you can eat. It should therefore not surprise you that they have a tremendous positive impact on your health.

Walnuts should be eaten fresh, as they can go rancid fairly quickly. They are best eaten fresh from the shell, or alternatively relatively soon after purchase. They can be eaten as a snack or used as an ingredient in one of your favorite recipes.  There is also Walnut Oil which can be used on salads, on vegetables and in everyday cooking. Either way, it could be very beneficial for your health.

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