Anthony Robbins and Personal Power

by Kurt Schmitt

Tony Robbins is world famous for being a master motivator and a top performance coach. He has worked with individuals, professional athletes, and companies both large and small.

Tony Robbins has opened up and shared his own personal story of success with the world through his seminars, audio and video learning series and books. He is well known for producing results with quick turnarounds. Tony Robbins's ability to help people quickly turn around any area of their lives is legendary.

The 2001 comedy movie, Shallow Hal, made fun of Tony Robbins's ability to change people's lives. Tony Robbins plays himself, as he hypnotizes Jack Black's character into thinking differently about the world.

Tony Robbins became famous for his infomercials with ex-football star Fran Tarkenton, offering his Personal Power home audio course. This course may best be described as a complete approach to personal change.

With Personal Power, the program of Tony Robbins brings together a number of different systems and techniques that people can use to change anything they want about their lives. It is packaged up in an audio course, which he personally recorded. This definitely gives it a personal touch and a flavor all its own.

During each day of the course, you get to hear Tony Robbins describe not only his techniques, but also his personal story. I had great results with this course. Tony Robbins tends to be very animated, and it's an entertaining and results oriented program. Be prepared, however, as it is also very demanding.

Personal development gurus had been around for some time, but many of the programs were rather stiff, and impersonal. Tony Robbins moved motivation up to a more personal level. and emphasized speed and results over the traditional therapy methods. In addition, he made his sysem available to the masses.

What used to be reserved for corporations, high powered executives, and the rich, Tony Robbins brought to you and me. By tailoring a system that could work for all, yet was individualized to fit each person's circumstances, we were introduced to the concept of a personal life coach, without really even knowing what it was.

Before the Tony Robbins home course, Personal Power, and its later version Personal Power 2, we read about Tony's techniques in his books. In Unlimited Power, for example, Tony Robbins describes neuro linguistic programming, or NLP, the system upon which many of his techniques are based.

NLP is used to create quick and dramatic life change. It is results focused, highly flexible, as well as a highly individual system for personal change.

Tony's NLP based techniques empower us, so that we take control of our lives and shape our futures. Tony Robbins explains that if you master an understanding of how your brain works, you actually go beyond any conventional therapy. You become your own therapist and personal consultant, and are able to change any emotion or behavior in only moments.

I recommend you consider Tony's methods and see if they work for you. I think you'll find, as I did, that the convenience of a home audio series is a valuable tool for quick and lasting change.

Tony Robbins has many loyal followers, as well as many detractors. His methods are powerful, to be sure, but in my opinion his most powerful methods work best if you're good at visualizing. If not, then you may have to work a bit harder in order to see progress. If you're ready for change, and willing to work for it, Tony Robbins and his personal power techniques are for you.

Kurt Schmitt uses techniques for motivation taught by Tony Robbins and others to create lasting personal change. To keep up with what he's up to, subscribe to his online newsletter, Ideas into Action. You can get a unique content version of this article.

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Anthony Robbins and Personal Power

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