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Rosa Redder
My husband Theo

MyBodyTip.com has been developed in order to help improve wellbeing and health.  There are lots of negativism in the world and media and I hope that this site can contribute to bring more wellness and sunny outlooks in men’s live. My husband and I live in The Netherlands and we write articles on everything concerning health, body, mind, succes and happiness. Each day, we learn things about physical, mental, and financial health. A triad which cannot be detached from each other. We gladly share this information with you.

Some articles are from our own experiences and literature research, some from others experiences and professionals.

To the left hand side and at the very end of each article, we have a list of related articles that you might be interested to read. These may be in the same section as the article that you have just read.

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Information contained in or made available through MyBodyTip is not meant to replace or substitute for the advice of health care professionals or advice of your physician or medical provider. Particularly, visitors of MyBodyTip should on a regular basis consult a doctor in all personal matters relating to physical or mental wellness, particularly concerning any symptoms that may call for diagnosis or medical attention. We always recommend that our site visitors consult their physician or healthcare professional for persistent health problems.

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