A healthy breakfast is the best start of the day.

On a Dutch website (www.fonteine.com) I discovered a great healthy breakfast which I have implemented in my daily routine. The breakfast is the most important meal, your body is full waste products and it shouts for water, sun-dried sea salt and good nutrition to clean and feed . So your body shouts for a healthy breakfast. Your weapon against stress, fatigue, concentration problems, memory lost, bowels problems etc. Coffee and Coca-Cola are bad pep pills. Get your energy from slow carbohydrates and green vegetables full with vitamins and minerals. No synthetic multivitamin can match that. Nature ensures your balans!

The best start of the day is a healthy breakfast. “Breakfast is emperor, lunch is king and dinner is admiral” we say in Holland. In other words your breakfast is the most important but unfortunately the most skipped meal. Without good nutrition your body will perform less and you will more often succumb for seductions which are generally based on sugars.

Especially children and adolescents needs a healthy breakfast. They will have better concentration, problem-solving skills and eye-hand coordination. They will be more alert and creative.

O.k., how do you make a super healthy breakfast without too much work?. Very simple, mix a large number of superfoods in a blender and your super breakfast is ready. The evening before I put out all the ingredients I need . Only two minutes in the blender and your breakfast full with feeding substances is ready. It is most beautiful that almost all ingredients are fresh raw and unprocessed.


* 1/2 cup mineral water
* banana
* some berries, blackberries and/or strawberries
* 5 almonds (contain much calcium, magnesium, good greases and endosperms)
* 1 brazilnuts (selenium)
* 2 walnuts (Omega 3 greases)
* tablespoon of coconut flour (good greases and 10 grams fibers!!)
* tea spoon agave syrup (natural sugar with low level of glucose in the blood)
* 4 spoons oat malt (iron, lowering cholesterol and fibers)
* 1 spoon line seed
* 1-2 grams chlorella (clean out the blood and is well for blood circulation)
* 1-2 grams spirulina (well for skin and hormone mirrors)
* 1-2 grams acerola (natural vitamin C and beta carotin)
* 2 carrots (beta carotin, well for skin and mucous membranes)
* 1/4 cucumbers
* 1 tablespoon of pumpkin seed (contains much zinc and good greases)

Do all this 1-2 minutes in the blender and your super breakfast is ready. I start the day always with two glases water so that all mucous membranes in the body swell and a small tip of a knife sun-dried  French sea salt. This pure salt looks that all ESA are activated and helps with the cleaning of your body. 20-30 minutes afterwards I take the super healthy breakfast.

Of course you can also take other types of salad or germinate. You will see that you are less busy with food because partly of the day your body has got down all building materials in pure natural forms. It cost you at the most 3-5 minutes and you have your best drinkable healthy breakfast. These blender meal is full of good endosperms, greases, slow carbohydrates, antioxidants, tracks of minerals, vitamins and contains widely 20 grams fibers. So also a perfect breakfast to have regular bowels.

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